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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

About the Center


The Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies (GSZ) is an interdisciplinary platform at the Humboldt University for urban and metropolitan research. The GSZ coordinates activities on investigation and academic formation in three different levels: internally, in the university, locally, in Berlin, and internationally, in cooperation with different stakeholders. Our aim is to contribute the public debates with an interdisciplinary perspective on the future development of Metropolises. Current topics at the GSZ are:

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Migration, Segregation & Integration
  • Performative Urbanity
  • Public Space
  • Urban Ecology
  • Urban Development
  • Theory of Urban Research
  • Processes of Urban Transformation
  • Touristification / New Mobilities
  • Urban Culture
  • Urban Youth
  • Housing
  • Civil Society

Our Work

  • Initiation and coordination of research projects, including knowledge transfer through conferences, workshops, lectures and colloquia.
  • Assistance and Fostering for graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students, with ideal and financial support (for example through short scholarships and Summer Schools at the GSZ)
  • Specialized publications in the field of urban studies, in academic and popular journals and also in other editorial formats.
  • Academic formation at the Humboldt-University and other universities in Berlin. See our directory for more information.
  • Newsletter: we share information about different events and publications around urban research, as well as activities at the GSZ.