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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

About the Center


One of the key challenges of the GSZ is the implementation of an international network of academic departments and other institutes who pursue metropolitan research. The GSZ is not intended to recruit its members solely from Humboldt University staff, but to also integrate relevant institutions of Berlin's scientific landscape. Further, existing partnerships with national and international departments and institutes will be integrated and new co-operations will be established and furthered. The center is also intended to refer to current issues of metropolitan politics and planning and to contribute to these in multiple ways.

Role of the Centre

The Georg-Simmel-Centre for Metropolitan Studies brings together scientist with diverse backgrounds. Because to answer current questions within urban research, a integrative research is indispensable.

For example Creative Industries: to understand this phenomenon in its whole scope you need ethnologists to study what subcultures play a part in the cultural industry. Furthermore it takes economists to settle if this phenomenon is economically expedient, but also sociologists, because the term Creative Industries also is attended by questions related to migration.

The role of the Georg-Simmel-Centre is to offer a forum, where innovative inter- and transdisciplinary approaches of the University’s diverse disciplines can be proved and benefit to unscramble current and future developments in Metropolises.