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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies


Undergraduates and PhD students

We recommend those interested in urban research related themes to contact the Graduate Studies Group (Marco Copercini, graduates@gsz.hu-berlin.de) or the URG New Urban Tourism.


Post-docs with a research focus in urban studies may take advantage of networking with the Urban Research Group.
Furthermore, and according to availability, some exchange program positions and visiting guest opportunities may be applied for Guest Researchers at the Georg-Simmel Center. Please send an e-mail informing us of your proposed research project and CV to Ilse.helbrecht@geo.hu-berlin.de.

Booking enquiries and general Information

As far as our capacities allow, our conference premises can be made available for scientific conference venues (preferably in the area of urban studies). Those wishing to take advantage of this should send an e-mail to bueroleitung-gsz@hu-berlin.de

Please inform us of the conference name, expected number of guests and desired period of occupation.

Please take note that there are currently no vacant employment positions and we also are unfortunately unable to allocate any internships.