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Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung

8. RefugeesHub

The website and app “RefugeesHub” is a pilot scheme: With its mainly practical approach it differs from the other subprojects in the research cluster. The aim of this outstanding project is to build a connection between Farsi and Dari speaking refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdish regions and Tadzhikistan, social activists and institutional assistance in Berlin.

The idea for “RefugeesHub” has been developed in several social projects and collaborative university courses with refugee students, within which gaps and problems in the assistance of Farsi/Dari speaking refugees became clear. At the same time, it is obvious that the practical knowledge which is needed for the support of Farsi/Dari speaking refugees already exists in the community. Therefore, the website and the app are now developed with regard to cause-driven interviews and usability-tests with refugees, activists and social workers.

Research Goals

“RefugeesHub” aims not only to build a linguistic bridge and a platform for the Farsi/Dari community, but also to overcome the exclusion of Farsi/Dari speaking people in Berlin. Although they represent the second largest group of newcomers in Germany, they are hardly included in supportive projects and organizations. This set of problems becomes apparent in the lack of Farsi translations in everyday life.

“RefugeesHub” has a Wiki for all involved parties: It supports not only Farsi speaking refugees, but also activists, social workers and institutions. On the website you will find video guides for the everyday life in Berlin and Germany as well as a collection and a map of different places of support. Thereby, “RefugeesHub” offers a geographical understanding of the situation of refugees in Berlin together with a closer look on the situated knowledge of the Farsi speaking community.

The website and app are developed in Farsi and English, more languages to come.